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  • Trust

    Other platforms prioritise viral content over quality content. Podium measures the reputation of every user on our platform—so you can identify who is trustworthy at a glance and be sure that the information you receive is reliable.

  • Empowerment

    Other platforms are hampered by opaque internal moderation and inconsistent decision making. Podium’s jury moderation system empowers you to take part in decisions, ensuring rapid resolution of harmful content, abuse and harassment—so you can feel safe.

  • Community

    Other platforms make shadowy recommendations of who to follow. Podium’s Affinity system helps you find like-minded people as you create content, share and react—so you can be part of conversations and causes that are important to you.

Who and what is Podium?

We’re a small team of passionate individuals who looked at all the significant issues on social media - the users who have encountered disinformation and fake news (73%), experienced harassment or abuse (53%) and do not trust social networks (66%) - and realised that something needs to change. Social media is broken, and users feel disempowered and disincentivized because of toxicity that the major platforms aren’t tackling. But we are here to fix it!

We start from the premise that most people are good, and that a very small number of bad actors are responsible for the majority of harmful content that plagues legacy social media. With that in mind, our jury moderation system empowers our users to take part in decisions on harmful content - and we use affinity mapping and integrity scores to balance the juries.

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